Monday, September 19, 2011

Myth Chaser Monday

Sorry I'm late posting this today.  I actually forgot that it was Monday.  :)

For today's myth-chaser trivia, you must do the following to qualify for the prize:
1) answer the question correctly in a comment on this blog.
2) become a follower of my blog if you're not already, and get one of your friends to follow me.
3) post the link to my "official" book trailer on your facebook page: .
4) e-mail me with your address after you've done all the above.

The first one to do all of these correctly, is the winner!

Today's prize is a special treat.  Today I'm giving away a free copy of Possession by Elana Johnson.  I know Elana--she lives near me--and I really like her, so I'm going to do a little pay it forward.

And now, for today's Myth Chaser trivia: Who is the witch that imprisons Rapunzel in her tower in the original Grimm version of the fairy tale? 

Good luck, myth-chasers!

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