Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Many Goodies, So Little Time...

Dear Reader,
So you're probably wondering why I've titled my post thusly, and as you've rightly suspected, I'm about to tell you.  I have recently been made to see that I not only have expensive taste, but as far as publishing goes, I have time consuming taste.  My graphic designer has introduced me to the delicious world of endless possibilities for interior book design, and I am finding that the more I see of it, the more I want for Cobbogoth.  However, I am also finding that to have that lovely eye candy in my book, requires time--more time than I originally gave myself with my current release date. 

And so, for your own enhanced reading pleasure, I am postponing the release date of Cobbogoth again, but for the last time, to ensure that my book is not only pleasing to the imagination, but sumptuous to the eye as well--(I apologize for the archaic use of language today, I've been watching a lot of Larkrise to Candleford lately, and I always end up talking like I'm from that period for about a week after ward.) 

Cobbogoth will now be released on December 3, 2011, just in time for Christmas!  I am really sorry if I've disappointed anyone by doing this, but I promise you, when you see Cobbogoth in it's final, intoxicating form, you too will think it was worth it.  And, to make it up to you, I'll be posting a sneak peek to chapter 2 on my website next Monday.  :)

Until then,


  1. I LOVE Lark Rise. We just finished the series and we're so sad. Not because it ends poorly, but because it is over. It is my one weakness.

  2. See! I knew we were meant to be!! I knew it! Larkrise to Candleford is one of my FAVORITE things of all time! I LOVE it!

    I can forgive you for the late release. I am sure it will be SO wonderful! Good things come to those who wait....right?

  3. I know! Isn't it great? And thanks for forgiving me, Amy. I knew we were meant to be too, Larkrise or no. :)