Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Excellent News and My Album's Title Song

Hey All,

So it's been a while, and last time I posted, I believe I promised you some news.  Well, I can do even better than that for you!  I will tell you the news I've been keeping and share the title song for my indie-folk album with you.

First off, the news!  So, I'm pretty sure most of my readers don't know this--I don't think I've ever shared it on here before--but I'm a mom to a truly fantastic kid.  He's been an only child for nine years.  My husband and I didn't do that on purpose.  We LOVE kids.  Well, back in November, my husband and I found out that we are very unexpectedly expecting our second child.  After nine years and a few false alarms, it turns out my son isn't going to be an only child anymore.

To say that our family is excited about this news is a severe understatement.  Because of the things we've gone through over the last decade, I honestly believed I'd never get to have another biological baby.  Consequently, I've been spending the last 6+ weeks taking it VERY easy so that we can keep this baby.

And . . . (drum roll) . . . so far so good!  We're 14 weeks along and still prego! Huzzzzzzah!!!!!

Because of this very unexpected but extremely welcome development in my life, I have had to cut out all excess stress, and therefore, I won't be attending any school visits/signing/anything extra that could get my nervous system too worked up.  This is on doctor's/husband's orders.  But, don't fret Cobbogoth fans, I'm still writing--as if I could stop--and my sister and I are still shooting to have Book 2 The Lemorian Crest out sometime this summer.  Preferably before this little tyke is born.

With that said, here is another song I've written for my indie-folk album.  It will be the title song for my album and is called Like Home to Me.  This song is the first song I wrote when I started writing songs with the guitar last August.  I wrote it as a gift for my husband's birthday.  It's rough and will sound much better once we get the other bells and whistles involved for the recording, but hopefully you get enough of the gist of the song to let me know what you think.

Alright folks!  So that's it for now.  I'll keep you updated on both the album and Book 2.  It's going to be a fantastic year!!!

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