Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Ever Dreaded Query Letter

So, nobody told me when I first started writing my book about the trembling-worthy process of querying agents to get representation.  If they had...well, I still would've written it, but perhaps with a little more trepidation than the paralyzing amount I was already dealing with ;).  It's definitely intimidating. To help us in this process, my writing group had  a fellow writer come and talk to us about her experience with the querying process and how it has been for her. Her name is Elana Johnson, and get this; she queried 180 agents before she got representation.  It just goes to show you that it only takes one my friends, it only takes one.

Anyway, Elana just sold her first book, Control Issues to Simon and Schuster!  She also works for a great site called  If you're now, or ever planning to write and sell a book you should really check this site out.  You should also go here: and buy her e-book called From the Query to the Call.  I believe everything she talked to us about came directly from her book, and her presentation was seriously fabulous!  She had  us submit our own queries, and she critiqued them for us.  It was so helpful.  Not only that, but she's one of the more hilarious people I've ever met, and she gives a free query critique with every purchase of the her e-book.

So there you go.  Hope this information spurs you on to greatness in all of your querying endeavors.  If you're not an aspiring author like myself, however, I'd still check out her is lol funny!

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