Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doing Your Due Dilligence

The last week I've been in Boston for a family event, and since Cobbogoth is set in Boston, I've been trying to confirm some of my research while I'm out here. I'm hitting a few of the places where major scenes of my book take place just to make sure I remembered/imagined everything correctly.  Since I haven't been to a few of the places i.e. Harvard Museum of Natural History or the Belmont Police station before, to name a few, I took a jaunt down to both today and was able to get some of my questions answered.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bostonians?  Really. They're direct and to the point yet friendly all at the same time. It's so refreshing!  There's no beating around the bush, you know they mean exactly what they say instead of something else.  I love that.
Anyway, I'm happy to say I remembered everything fairly accurately from when I lived here and the many times my husband and I visited before my son was born.  We haven't been back in four years though. But at this stage of the writing process, I was able to take a huge sigh of relief knowing I did my research well enough before I started writing this baby.  Really, sitting at this point in the game, if there's any advice I can give to beginning writers, it's to do your research thoroughly in the beginning, because you never know 1) how much more of it will unexpectedly come in handy down the road, and 2) It's such a pain to have to go back and fix major things because you didn't get particulars right in the first place.  So, do your due diligence in the beginning...or at least before you get to the final draft. :) You never know what other extraordinary stories can spring up from the things you stumble on.

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