Monday, August 15, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Amy Lindstrom of Pleasant Grove, UT!  Congrats, Amy!  Thanks to everyone for playing and make sure that you check the qualifications really carefully each time you play. 

If you sincerely wish to possess one of these super cool Cobbogothian looking bangles for yourself, but don't want to keep trying for one on my blog, they can be purchased on Amazon from the seller TreenaBean.  They have a lot of other super cute jewelry as well.  Just follow the link, and it will take you straight to their page.

Now for the answer of today's trivia.  There were actually a TON of knights who sat at King Arthur's round table.  Here they all are:

Agravain ·Bagdemagus ·Bedivere ·Bors ·Breunor (La Cote Mal Taillée) ·Calogrenant ·Caradoc ·Dagonet ·Dinadan ·Gaheris ·Galahad ·Gareth ·Gawain ·Geraint ·Griflet · Hector de MarisKay ·Lamorak ·Lancelot ·Leodegrance ·Lionel ·Lucan ·Maleagant ·Marhaus ·Palamedes ·Pelleas ·Pellinore ·Percival ·Safir ·Sagramore ·Segwarides ·Tor ·Tristan ·Uriens ·Ywain ·Ywain the Bastard ·Elyan the White · Sir Ector, and I will add King Arthur, since he too was a knight as well as a king and certainly sat at his own table.

Yes, I did just cut and paste all of this information from Wikipedia, and since I just told you that I did, it isn't plagiarism.  :) Just in case some of my college professors read this blog. 

Finally, thanks to my newest followers: Casie Dekker, Rachel Laverda, Jaque Gunderson, Amy Lindstrom, Allyx Moedl, mc_montgomery, and Tom Rich. 

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