Monday, July 25, 2011

Myth Chaser Monday

It's time for another Myth Chaser Monday! To qualify for today's prize, we'll be doing the same thing we've been doing up to this point. If you'd like to play, you must:
1) answer the trivia correctly in a comment on this blog (not through e-mail.)
2) become a follower on my blog if you're not already.
3) post this link to my book trailer on your facebook account:
4) e-mail me with your address.

If you complete each of these steps correctly, first, you win!

This week's prize is another Cobbogothian inspired ring in pink:

And now, for today's Myth Chaser trivia question:  Who was Achilles and what was his one weakness?

Good luck, Myth Chasers!


  1. Achilles one weakness was his heel. That is where his mother held him when she dipped him in the river to make him invulnerable where the water touched him. Going to read this story with my girls in History this year.
    ~Tammy Teeples~

  2. Achilles was a soldier for the Greek Army that was attacking the city of Troy. His one weakness was his heel, coining the term "Achilles heel".

  3. Achilles weakness was his heal