Friday, June 10, 2011

True Blue Abbi

So, I have several adorable nieces, but one in particular who's trying to make the world a better place--and who is also an aspiring writer. And since I'm all about supporting pro-active, big-dreaming teens who want to make the world better, I'm dedicating this post to my niece Abbi who has her own blog @

Here, Abbi talks about thrift-fashion and writing and what she believes in.  She's gorgeous, she's smart, she's classy, and she will also be hosting a few giveaways for my book come October, so, you'll want to keep your eye on her blog. 
One of her most adorable thrifty fashion concoctions

Go ahead; become a follower. Bask in her darlingness and her very down-to-earth teenage wisdom. She's pretty much adorable, and you'll only benefit from it!   

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