Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Time Friday

So, my guest blogger for Family Time Friday is really going to post next week. I promise!  She called me the other day and happens to be running a huge race this weekend. She needed a bit more time to prepare, so I'm filling in again today.  Hope everyone is okay with that. 
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Anyway, I'm kind of glad I get to post today, because Sunday is Father's Day, and I love celebrating Father's Day with my husband and son.  My husband is an incredible father!  I knew when I married him that I was choosing an extraordinary one for my kiddies, and he hasn't let me down. 

I think in today's world with so much "girl power" flying around that our dads, husbands, brothers, etc really get a bad wrap sometimes.  There's been so much talk about women's rights for so long, that our guys have kind of gotten shoved to the back burner and are treated with just as much disrespect as women.  I see it every day on T.V., in the grocery store, among people I know.  It's quite sad.

So, today, I want to counter society's vices and give everyone a chance to post what I like to call kudos-comments about the men in their lives.  Let's spread the man love!  You can comment about your dad, your brother, your son, your hubby, your grandpa.  I just want to know how "super" you think they are! 

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