Thursday, June 16, 2011

Authors Anonymous

Hey All,

My niece Abbi and her friend Shayla--from have just started a teen writing blog called Authors Anonymous.  This blog is for aspiring teenage writers.  With the boom in self-publishing, and the easy access to digital publishing, teenage writers have more opportunities than ever to get there stuff out there.  Authors Anonymous is a place where you can go and learn about how to improve your writing skills as well as network with other teen writers.

Abbi and Shayla have also asked me to guest post and answer questions every once in a while on the blog, so, this will be where I'll be sharing a few more of my writing tricks and secrets to help out the next generation of writers.  As a teenager, I would've LOVED to have access to something like this.  If you're an aspiring teen writer, why don't you head over and become a follower!  

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