Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revise...Revise...Revise...You Get the Picture

So, I attended a writing conference last weekend and pitched Cobbogoth to a smaller publisher. They asked to see the first three chapters and so I sent them off.  That's when I decided I'd better hurry up and get the revisions I've been working on for the last four months done already. You know...just in case they ask to see the whole thing.  Not the smartest idea, but it's great motivation.  Well, the last four days, I've been hard at work making this thing sparkle, and my son has been watching ALOT of movies (I feel a little better about movies than T.V. for some reason).
I'm actually really amazed at how much better my writing has gotten just over the past week's cram session.  I think if I could write every day, for eight hours a day, I would be a fabulous writer.  But...I love my husband and son too much.  Really, I wouldn't wish this kind of frantic scrambling on anyone.
Anyway, the manuscript is coming along really well...of course, it's never coming fast enough, but considering the time frame I've given myself (two weeks at the most) it's fast enough.
Side note: I was just visiting Stephenie Meyer's blog for a second, and get this: she's producing the final movie in her Twilight series.  How awesome would that be to produce your own book's movie.  I will be there one day.  Just sending out the good vibes.
Anyway, my brain is fried from trying to get a love scene between Norah and James just right.  I'm going to bed.  :)

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