Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writing Gem #9: My Editing Process

 Here is my latest Writing Gem.  This is all about my editing process.

There are a few things I didn't mention in this Gem.  First of all, about beta-readers; I don't let other writers read my manuscript until I've had non-writers read it, because I like to give it to other writers when it's really fine-tuned.  They tend to be the most effective for me at that point. I said this in the video, and I mean it, that everyone is different, and you might find that having other writers read your work earlier on is more beneficial.

I can't stress enough that writing is such a subjective thing, and the process varies from writer to writer.  What I share in my Writing Gems is just my own process--what works for me. My hope is that you will take what I've shared and make it your own!

Here's to wishing you all of the luck in the world! 


  1. Hi Hannah! I found you through youtube yesterday. I got finished reading all your blog posts today and have watched all three book trailers as well. My one niece watched the official one with me and is excited to read it. I want to tell you that I'm grateful for your writing gem videos as I am an aspiring writer and they have helped me to come up with a plan for a book. Thank you for being such a great inspiration and I look forward to more videos and blogs from you. Also can't wait to read Uncovering Cobbogoth in May!

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that you're finding the Writing Gems helpful--makes posting them much more worthwhile. :-) I hope you enjoy Uncovering Cobbogoth when you and your niece get a chance to read it. I look forward to hearing your opinion, so be sure to stop back by and leave a comment. And good luck with your own writing aspirations!