Thursday, January 10, 2013

Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

So, a while back, I entered Cobbogoth into the Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.  Unfortunately, my story didn't place, however, today I received the judges feedback, and I have to say that I'm quite pleased with it.  I thought I'd post it here, and we can all feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

Get ready to feel good!

p.s. The judge's answers are in yellow.  ;-)

Books were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5. This scale is strictly to provide a point of reference, it is not a cumulative score and does not reflect ranking.
Structure and Organization:  5
Grammar:  4
Production Quality and Cover Design:  4 ((Ihave to say I don't agree with them here. Bekah deserves a 5 for her work.)      
Plot (if applicable):  5
Character Development (if applicable):  5
What did you like best about this book?
"Cobbogoth is a unique and creative story that very successfully blends mystery and adventure. The author’s tone and style are appropriate for the target audience. The characters are sympathetic and readers will easily identify with them, and this in turn will draw them into the story. I very much enjoyed the way the author incorporates Icelandic myth into the story, this gives the book a unique flavor. The plot is fast-paced and the descriptions are vivid. The cover design of the book is eye-catching and inviting. Overall, this book was a wonderful and entertaining read."
Alright! Yeah, that was fun!  Thanks for sharing this moment with me.  :-)


  1. Hannah!! I'll be honest, I havent been the best with checking blogs over the past I've missed ALL of this news on your book! I am SO excited for you and I can't wait to read it!!! Congrats-- all the years of hard work are paying off. Seriously so awesome!

  2. Thanks Nicole! How are you? Thanks for stopping by. I know! Isn't all of this crazy? It's been a very exciting ride so far. I hope you enjoy Cobbogoth a much as I enjoyed writing it. :-)