Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few Things I've Been Up To...

This week has been CRAZY busy with all things Cobbogoth!  And it has been so much fun.  As previously posted, my blog tour kicked off this week.  And I had a few speaking engagements.  I--er my husband--even remembered to take a picture. 

This is me speaking to a group at Greenwood Elementary School about dyslexia and how I overcame it to become a writer (read that post here).  It was a great experience, and there were some super cool kids there. 
The night before last, I also got to visit with another book group about Cobbogoth.  But I forgot to take pictures, because I ran out the door without even my purse.  The ladies were so nice though, and there was some fantastic food there, as well.  (I'll just admit it now; I really like good food.)

All in all, this week has been super fun, and there are a few drawings for copies of Cobbogoth still going on, so check them out here and here.  And there's more to come, too!  So stay tuned.

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