Friday, December 9, 2011

My New Website

It's been a great release week! I couldn't be happier with the response Cobbogoth has gotten. So, thank you!  Now some people may be wondering why I haven't been more publicly enthusiastic about my release date, and so I'm writing this post to relieve curious minds. 

The first reason I haven't been celebrating for all to see, is because up until 8:00 p.m. last Friday Cobbogoth was acting like a naughty child and refusing to make itself presentable enough to be shown in public. Like any parent, I had to give my brainchild a set of choices and consequences, then allow it to choose for itself before I got any progress. Since it chose not to be at it's best until late Friday night, however, the book forfeited immediate celebration, and has been out of my sight reflecting very carefully on it's actions this week. When it comes and apologizes for nearly giving me a heart attack, THEN we can begin planning celebrations again. ;).

I'm kidding, of course . . . well, about punishing my book, anyway. Everything else is pretty much true. I've actually been taking a break from my book this week, because every time I've tried to crack the cover and be excited about the fact that it's finished, my vision kind of goes cross-eyed and I inevitably fall right to sleep. Really, you try reading a book that many times in your life and tell me if you aren't sick to death of it. I think comatose is my brain's only defense.

The other reason I've been waiting to celebrate, is because my sister--a.k.a. brilliant graphic designer--is in the process of finishing up my brand new website! You guys, I can't tell you how excited I am about this! From what she's told me--since I've only seen one amazing sneak peek myself--its going to have all of the regular stuff you'd find on an author's website, along with a very cool "world of Cobbogoth" page, where I'll periodically post little snippets about the world you either can't learn about in the book, or that go into much more detail than the book. As a reader, if I love the world a particular author has created, I want to stay in that world as long as I can. In anticipation that you feel the same way about Cobbogoth, Bekah, with her characteristically amazing form she used to create the cover and interior illustrations of the book, has created a way for me to share more of my world with you!

So, last word is that the website will be up and running by next week some time.  When that happens, then the celebrating will commence!


  1. Hannah, I got Cobbogoth in the the mail two hours ago, I LOVE IT!!!! I just finished about five minutes ago, and my eyes are still a little teary...Now I'm hooked on another series (good), waiting for the next book (BAD!!!). Love James btw...

  2. Shaylanne! I'm so glad you loved it!!! And I can't believe you read it so fast! Further more, I'm so glad you love James; he and Lylend are my favorite characters. Thank you so much for reading it!

  3. I'm a speed reader, which is a curse and a gift...I go through books way too fast, and sometimes it is hard to find ones that are worth my time...yours was definitely worth it! Lylend...ahh...I have to agree with you... ;)