Thursday, October 13, 2011

Changing the Rules

You know, the best thing about being your own boss, is you can change the rules whenever you want.  So since I've only gotten one comment on the Albine drawing, and it wasn't a comment to answer this week's Myth Chaser Monday, I'm doing just that and changing the rules a bit for the drawing. 

Since what I've really wanted all along is to celebrate with all of you on account of how ingenious my graphic designer is, anyone who leaves a comment on my blog to let me know what they think of her lovely work and posts a link to my trailer on their facebook account will be entered into this Saturday's drawing.  Unfortunately, I will no longer be giving away prizes for the most entertaining answers, but that's cool. 

So, my friends, I would love to hear anything you have to say about my lovely Albine--so much that I'm willing to give a free book away to hear it.  I mean, come on!  Wouldn't you be that excited if your own first __________________(insert whatever you'd poured your heart and soul into for the last 5 years) was turning out a million times better than you could've possibly imagined? 

That's what I thought.  So, there you have it.  You still have until Friday at midnight to comment.  Good luck, myth-chasers!


  1. Oh yea! I was just waiting to see if any of my friends would become a follower so I could qualify. I've now posted about the giveaway and your trailer on my facebook page

    and on twitter!/cleanteenfic

    Your graphic designer is truly amazing!

  2. She's lovely. Like a circular swirly flower angel. :). I posted a link on FB, and I am excited for my chance to win your book! Congratulations again! I think this is awesome. :)

  3. Okay, I think I actually figured out how to post the trailer on my facebook account (can you tell I don't use facebook very often?). You know that I think Bekah's artwork is AWESOME. Seeing the hieroglyph of the Albine makes me want to see more!

  4. Okay here goes. From the artwork - the Albine is Cobbogothians version of an angel. A being greater than themselves who offers help and wisdom and even special powers upon those it chooses. I like to think that sphere the Albine is holding is a very powerful magical tool of some sort - I imagine that it glows and when mortals touch the sphere that is how the wisdom/powers/desires are bestowed. I LOVE the artwork and LOVE visiuals in books so I am even more thrilled about getting that book in my hands!

  5. Well, I don't have a facebook, but I did post the link on my blog.

    Beautiful artwork, I love a mixture of curves and swirls. I especially like how the center of the sphere in her hands looks like a eye within a starburst.
    And the name, Albine. It sounds similar to the name of an Etruscan goddess of the dawn and protector ill-fated lovers.

    I'm really excited about this book!
    Thank you, Bekah Shakespear, for the amazing art! I can't wait to see what other wonders are inside Cobbogoth.
    And to the author, congratulations on all your hard work!

  6. How darn sweet are you?! (That's rhetorical, because I already know how sweet you are. :)) I could only design as beautifully as you wrote the book. I am SO happy that you are so pleased with all of my designs. I do it all for you. But only cause I love ya so much. ;)

  7. She has a simple complexity that is more flattering then tons of detail. She looks ethereal; delicate enough to be blown away by a brush of wind. As Mary said, she really is a flower angel.

    (I will have the link posted on Authors Anonymous this evening)

  8. You have a new blog design! I love it! Looks great.