Monday, August 8, 2011

Myth Chaser Monday!

I'm back!  Last week was a crazy week, but I'm ready for another run of Myth Chaser Monday. To qualify for today's prize, we'll be doing the same thing we've been doing up to this point. If you'd like to play, you must:1) answer the trivia correctly in a comment on this blog (not through e-mail.)
2) become a follower on my blog if you're not already.
3) post this link to my book trailer on your facebook account:
4) e-mail me with your address.
5) And since this prize is a big one--$15.99 value--to win, you must also get 1 of your friends to become followers of my blog.  (Include their names when you e-mail me your address, so I know they are your's.)

If you complete each of these steps correctly, first, you win!

This week's prize is this lovely Cobbogothian-looking (not inspired, I'm sad to say) bangle from Treena Bean:  I'll even let the winner choose what color of bangle they want. (red, gold, pink or teal: click here to see pics of all the colors) I own two of these by the way, and they are awesome!
Vintage Fashion Jewelry Retro Crystal Bangle (Assorted Colors)
And now, for today's Myth Chaser trivia question: In Toltec/Aztec Mythology, who is Quetzalcoatl?

Good luck, Myth Chasers!


  1. Quetzalcoatl is an ancient god,the ruler of Tollan during its golden age, and a historical figure.
    Tammy Teeples

  2. Quetzalcoatl was a feathered serpent, a flying reptile (much like a dragon), who was a boundary maker (and transgressor) between earth and sky. He was also a creator deity having contributed essentially to the creation of Mankind.

  3. Okay - Quetzalcoatl means "feathered serpent" and was worhsipped as a diety by the people. He had something to do with winds, dawn, learning, and knowledge.

    Love being inspired to go and learn something new!!!

    Don't have anyone to follow your blog yet - but am about to go send some emails. I will get back to you! :)

    Oh - and I am so excited for your book!!!

  4. So look for an Allyx Moedl and/or Erin Oborn to become a blog follower. May not be by tonight though.
    And - I am not going to email you my address cause if I win (or if I don't) I would rather come see your beautiful face in person - and hear a bit about how you are and how this writing adventure has been for you!! I am at the condos all the time still. And if that disqualifies me, then so be it. :)

  5. I know it means feathered serpent and some think it refers to Christ. As far as the other requirements, I'm going out of town and don't know if I can get anyone else before then, but I did tell my cousin about your blog b/c she's working on a book too. No matter. It's just fun to pop in once in a while. :)Best of luck with all your endeavors!

  6. If I remember correctly, wasn't he an ancient God of "knowledge" ? He was an important God to the Aztecs which is what I am remembering from a trip to Mexico. I think I remember hearing, through LDS interpretation that the scholars believe he was Jesus Christ himself. I might be completely wrong, but that is what I remember hearing...vaguely... Haha

  7. Thanks for playing everyone! And Tamera, I too would love to see your beautiful face, and I'm always eager to talk about my book! :)