Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Julie Whipple!  Congrats, Julie, you win a free copy of my book when it comes out in October.  If you just want to e-mail me your address, I'll make sure you get it as soon as the book is available. 

As for everyone else who left a comment, thank you so much for taking the time to read chapter 1, and leaving a comment on my blog.  Your remarks were so encouraging!  And good news, since you left a comment already, you're automatically entered into Friday's drawing for another free book! 

For anyone who didn't get a chance to leave a comment before this drawing, you will have two more chances to leave one if you'd like to be entered into Friday's drawing:  1) tomorrow will be the unveiling of my super amazing cover, designed by the excessively talented Bekah Shakespear of Studio G Photography.  2) And then on Friday, my husband Michael and I have completed my official book trailer, and we will be posting it for all of you to take a gander at.  If you like what you see, post a comment here on my blog, and I'll enter you into the final drawing.  I'll announce the winner Saturday morning. 

Also, if you are in any way excited about reading the rest of my book and care to share any news about it with all of your friends and family on facebook, twitter, through e-mail, or on your own blogs, please do!  Everyone knows that "word of mouth" is the best kind of advertising, and any help you're willing to offer is invaluable!

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support and good wishes!  It helps more than you can imagine!


P.S. I am SO excited for tomorrow!!!