Monday, May 9, 2011

Myth Chaser Mondays

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I studied a lot of myth in college.  If you're one of my beta-readers, than you also know that one of my main characters in COBBOGOTH is a "myth-chaser," meaning, he chases after myths for a living in order to prove that there is some bit of truth to them. 
So, as a regular post on my blog, I'm starting up Myth Chaser Mondays.  What I'll do, is post a question concerning one of my favorite myths: urban, ancient, etc, etc, etc, and see if any of you can answer it correctly.  I'll of course have the correct answer, so that there will be a winner.  And, the winner--the first person to get it right first, having completed all the qualifications below--will get a prize!  Yay! 

The Prize:  Okay, so the prize isn't huge, but it's kind of cool.  The winner will receive their very own (100% unique) Cobbogothian character, such as the one  below handcrafted on an bookmark made from antiqued parchment.

What You Must Do: What you must do to win this fabulous prize, is first, leave a comment with your correct answer to my myth question, and then become a follower on my blog.  After that, all you need to do is post my blog address: or my website address: on your facebook, twitter account, or in a blog post.

And now for Monday's Myth Chaser riddle:  What  present day English city is believed to be 1) the resting place of King Arthur, and 2) the actual location of Avalon?

Alright, folks!  Good luck!  The winner of this week's Myth Chaser Monday will be announced as soon as I've got a winner! 


  1. Shropshire village of Baschurch???

    I hope I win. Remember I always wanted one of those?

  2. Glastonbury is said to be his final resting place and the location of Avalon.

  3. Sorry, Malia! But please try again next week, you were the one who inspired me to use this as a prize in the first place...maybe I should give you a prize just for that. Hmmmm.... :)

  4. Yay, Tammy! You won! Glastonbury is right! Now, if you just want to e-mail your address to the gmail address on my sidebar, I'll mail you your prize! Congrats!