Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

So this is my third time editing, and I must say it's quite a frustrating process.  You think you've finally nailed a particular chapter, only to find that your last version was much better than the present one.  ARRGGGHHH!  Ah well, I will say this, my current editor, the lovely Ashley Lloyd is a dear friend and editor who knows and understands what I'm trying to do in COBBOGOTH, and that is a relief.  Every suggestion she's made has been exactly what my manuscript needs--the thing I've felt was missing, but couldn't quite put my finger on  it.  It pays to do your research before you hire an editor, dear readers.  There is much more than credentials that go into editing; they have to catch your vision too. 

Thankfully I've been lucky enough to have such brilliant writing friends in my writing group.  I believe they really care about my book as much as I do; they've proved it through spontaneous phone calls to tell me exactly what they think about my first chapter, even though they know it might jeopardize our friendship of nearly three years (Just kidding, Sarah.  You know that I know you saved the opening of my book!).  What a blessing!

One of the best tips I've received as a writer, has been to surround myself with people who believe in me and believe in my story.  Thankfully, I'm married to my biggest fan, who knows very well--because I tell him every day--that my book wouldn't have even gotten started if it wasn't for his belief in me.  My family has been overwhelmingly supportive, and every friend who's been asked to read my book has had honest, constructive criticism to offer, and enough support and encouragement to sustain me through what has been a very long and grueling journey.  Here's to all of you, and I love you!

And now, here's a little advice to any writer out there who stumbles across my blog...actually, here's my advice to anyone who wants to live a happy, successful and fulfilled life:  Surround yourself with honest and sincere people who believe in you and make you feel great, and who in turn appreciate your efforts to make them feel great!  Life is too short and too hard to spend it with "ne'er do wellers."

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