Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Alright, first off, no agent yet, but I do have fantastic news! I was at a family reunion for my husband's side a little while ago and, kind family that they are, they asked how my book was coming. I told them I was in the process of editing and hoped to have it out to agents by the end of this month.  Of course, I'm saying this while cringing at the grueling idea. Then, my sister-in-law--Harvard grad and Lawyer, who actually worked as an editor on the BYU Law Review--tells me how much "sick" pleasure she gets from marking things up with a red pen.  And I'm thinking, yeah, me too, only not when the ink happens to be my own blood. ; ) What I should've been thinking, however, was why I've never thought to ask her to edit my stuff before this.

I'm pretty sure she saw I wasn't getting it, because finally, in her unassuming way she offers to edit my manuscript for me. That's when the whole idea finally clicked in my mind and I realized what a great thing this was. The next thing I know, I'm offering to pay her to do it, and she, of course, refuses--pulling the "family" card. So, I'm left thinking how much more perfect can this whole situation get? This blessing pretty much fell into my lap, and I wasn't really even looking for it. I know she'll do much better editing on this baby than I could, not just because I'm getting close to being burnt out on it right now, but because she's just wicked smart.

So, thanks Rebekah!  You're a life saver.  I'll take a much needed break now and make a quilt or something!  :)

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